Vitality Rezidence – Smíchov, Praha 5

The Vitality Residence is architecturally put between the modern Sacre Coeur2 Residence and the eponymous park on the southern slope in the popular residential neighbourhood Na Hřebenkách. Its elegant architectural design, inspired by the latest trends of residential living and using contemporary technologies, meets the housing requirements of demanding clients. An elaborated interior design combines pleasant and timeless living and offers breathtaking views and maximum privacy and safety in a quiet environment close to the parks of Sacre Coeur and Kinského zahrady (the Kinsky Gardens) in the centre of Prague.


Visualization of exterior – Vitality Rezidence – Smichov, Praha 5

Conveniently designed apartments with the layouts of 1+kitchenette, 2+kitchenette and 3+kitchenette with a balcony, terrace or front flowerbed garden are placed so that they can be sufficiently lit, provide a beautiful view and at the same time maintain and fully respect the privacy of each resident. Rich furnishings and social facilities, intended solely for the residents, will house your unique lifestyle. Besides the below-mentioned facilities, the Residence also features a restaurant open to the public and commercial premises for health care and beauty treatment.

The following facilities are available to the residents only: a reception, a club lounge with a plasma TV set, a party room, a fitness and exercising centre, a doctor´s office with a consulting room and an outdoor relaxation zone. At the Residence the inhabitants can enjoy a number or leisure and social activities including physical exercises and fitness programmes. Household services, ranging from cleaning to taking care of your garden or pet, go without saying. When designing the Vitality Residence, we did not forget about space for a restaurant and commercial premises, suitable for retail activities, health care or beauty treatment either. Everything has been conceived so as to enrich and maintain an active and healthy lifestyle.