Rodinné domy Lysolaje – Praze 6 – Lysolajích

Family houses in Lysolaje offer modern architecture, flexible layouts, and plenty of light and privacy in the interior of the house. The ambition of the architects is to build a unique and artistically uniform residential complexes with less than three dozen houses. There is a model house, tours are possible after agreement.

Houses are offered in two levels of completion:

Option One: Completely finished house – ready to move in

Option Two: Choose facade, windows, entrance doors, garage doors, and interior layout

The complex comprises of a total of 26 family houses. 18 of them are arranged in pairs (there are 9 semi-detached houses), and 8 are detached.

The development is located in Prague 6 – Lysolaje, up at the end of the valley, right at the bus stop, Lysolaje. It is a quiet area whose natural border on the northern side forms a relatively steep green slope. The site itself is on flat land, so all living rooms are oriented to the garden. It is nearby Nebusice.

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Visualization – Neighborhood of Rodinné domy Lysolaje


Interior – Rodinné domy Lysolaje

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