Rezidence Golf Hostivař – Horní Měcholupy, Praha


Houses in development Rezidence Golf Hostivař, Horní Měcholupy

The project Rezidence Golf Hostivař is a building of the development company RODOP, and it is a modern and closed complex with a hundred homes. The building is being completed in several stages. This concept consists of several different types of buildings. This development is like a “city within a city.”


Houses with beautiful yards – Rezidence Golf Hostivař, Horní Měcholupy

Each family house will be between 152m2 and 252m2. There will be houses with terraces as well as detached homes surrounded by a large garden and outdoor terrace. Houses are located on the golf course. There will be enough parking spaces at each home, as well as many facilities for families such as a children’s play area and relaxation areas.

Two story houses are linked to the shell & core program (clients can choose certain design elements and personalize their house).


Beautiful, spacious interiors – Rezidence Golf Hostivař, Horní Měcholupy

The development is located between two golf courses. The area is surrounded by greenery adn rich civic amenities. For example,  Hostivař park or dam are very close. There are many areas for sports and exercise activities. There is also easy transportation access and amenities such as restaurants and shops nearby.