Bytový dům Komořany – Komořany – Praha


Exterior – Bytový dům Komořany, Praha

The project Bytový dům Komořany is a modern three-story house with an elevator, a security system, an undeground garage parking area for cars, common areas for the placement of bikes and prams, and greenery around the house that creates a lovely atmosphere. The project includes 18 apartments ranging from one-room to three-room.


Interior – Bytový dům Komořany, Praha

Close to the project there is a bus stop, a train, a bicycle trail, and in-linke skating along the Vltava riverbank. The area is picturesque and ecologically clean, in the south-eastern part of Prague, on the right bank of the Vltava. The neighborhood is adjacent to Modřany and Zbraslav. The Cholupice Nature Park, an extensive wooded area of almost 125 hectares is nearby, as well as a 11km long cycling trail, hiking trails in the forest, a golf club, tennis courts, and equestiran club.